Our Story

The original Liberated Montessori House.

The original Liberated Montessori House.

We founded The Liberated Montessori House out of desperation for an ideal Montessori setting for our daughter, who was one year old at the time.  

Like many modern families, we were seeking natural-minded child care which would mirror our style of Attachment Parenting.  We quickly realized, however, there were simply no Montessori preschools in the East Dallas area that offered care for a child under two years old.  

Having a background in Montessori, we decided to create the ideal environment ourselves, by way of a licensed in-home daycare.

We began modestly in our small home in Little Forest Hills.  As word of mouth quickly spread and our waiting list grew, we moved to a larger house to better accommodate our students.  

Now, in our fifth year, we have made another move - this time, into a renovated building on Garland Road in East Dallas, where we have started a new journey as Liberated Children's House - Montessori Preschool.  In our new “home”  we have the space and the means to offer care for 50 children ages six weeks to 6 years old.